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Gotta love me my Sundays!

Sometimes living here I seem to forget how wonderful downtown Bozeman can be, especially on a sunny Sunday morning, just before all the shops are open. There is a certain hum in the air. The smell of fresh brewed coffee. The warmth of the sun on your face. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation. This Sunday especially I felt just that. Vacation. Family time. Great coffee.

Grandma picked Patrick up a new (well almost new, garage sale new) stroller that he already loves. It’s the horn….

My FAVORITE downtown coffee hub, the Leaf and Bean. Gotta love the bean here..


Coffee check! Onto business.I have my senior model shoot tomorrow evening (crossing my fingers and really praying that the weather holds off for us, I have been really looking forward to working with Annie ever since our last session was canceled due to wind) Gotta love spring time in Montana! In search for backdrops.

My hubby too has a good eye…

Thanks for a fun Sunday Downtown Bozeman and to my boys, thanks for your patience with mommy!


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  1. Wonderful post, Erin! I think downtown Bozeman is an absolute treasure, and your photos really capture the essence of it.


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