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Weekends with the boys

I woke up Saturday morning to thick gray, rainy skies that led to two family sessions being canceled. I was looking forward to shooting these families all week long and enjoying a little time outside. Instead Saturday was spent running errands and tying up the weeks loose ends. But Saturday night, after a gourmet dinner made by grandma and grandpa, the sun decided to peak out right before it set leaving us with a beautiful night in the backyard.

Patrick’s first climb to the top of grandma and grandpa’s waterfall…

First backyard fire…..

Silhouette¬†photo fun…

And then Sunday morning, like magic, the SUN graced us with it’s presence…. ALL DAY LONG! We ventured out to Drinking Horse Trail. A perfect day for a great family hike!

Nice shades grandpa..

Little man had a little too much fun in the sun…

FUN family photo


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  1. Dorothy Hollern

    Erin, darling pics as usual. As an aunt are you going to go to Oregon every once in a while so we can have some of your amazing pics of your niece or nephew? I am busy painting my bathroom right now but took a break for a few minutes. Love you al. Grams

  2. montanaphotographyworkshops

    great image!


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