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Easter weekend

We celebrated our first Easter as the Wells family yesterday and I don’t think we could have asked for a better day. Food.Sun.Family.Laughs.Candy πŸ™‚ Tom smoked a roast all day Saturday and then BBQd chicken on Sunday. Both our parents and aunts and uncles plus a couple cousins stopped by for the grub! I have so many images from the day it was hard to choose, but here are a few from our first Easter. Hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

Daddy and his new toy cooking away…..

The cook… watching over his roast πŸ™‚

Patrick and momma enjoying the sunshine and the smells from the BBQ

Patrick and his first Easter basket

And Patrick and his second Easter basket

Didn’t like the sunglasses so much….

But loved the bubbles…..

Dying eggs Easter morning….

Being silly in the kitchen….. Watching grandpa trying to work the YO-YO!

Tried the shades one more time outside…. still didn’t like them

Playing with cousins..

Mom needs to get out the tripod…


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  1. Sooo… Adam wants to know when the next BBQ is and when we are invited!!! That looked awesome! Loved the photos. Especially the one with Patrick’s forehead sticker! Fun!!

  2. You guys are always invited!!! I will make sure you know next time!!! We miss ya~

  3. Great photos! We had a wonderful time!

  4. Dorothy Hollern


  5. Dorothy Hollern

    Cute pics. I bet Patrick will be walking soon. Love the barbeque-you could cook enough to feed an army. Hope I will get down this summer so I can enjoy the fruits of Tom’s labor. Love, Gram


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