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Career Day for Belgrade sixth graders!!

I got the privilege, thanks to my friend and fellow leader of our youth Mrs. Steadman, to be apart of career day. Photographer was on the list as a top desire among sixth graders to have as a profession. I was joined by a mechanic, a vet, a scientist, a chef, a musician and a construction worker. Kids moved from class to class learning about our professions, how we got there and what are the pros and cons of our field. I shared my story, but being the hands on learner that I am I couldn’t just have them sit there and listen to me talk the whole 15 min. so I broke out the camera, picked a subject (thanks Kristen) and we displayed the results…… The point was to see two kids perspective of the same object. It was fun. They learned. I learned. I now have more respect for all you teachers out there. Thanks for making a difference in our children’s lives…

And here are the sixth grade photos of Mrs. Steadman……..sorry dear 🙂 oh and note that I showed them just a few things photoshop can do to an image….


I snapped a few as the worked the camera!


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  1. Kristen Steadman

    Omigoodness…so humilating! I am soooooo glad you did this. It was awesome. And dare I say, you were the best one. The kids loved it. And from the photos…apparently I act just like a sixth grader. Love you bunches!


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