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joy of luck: your rainbow

what do we have in our future that we look forward to?? What is your rainbow….

My RAINBOW is having the opportunity to watch my son grow. It’s being able to be apart of all his firsts, the small things that we do everyday but don’t think about until we see a child doing it for the first time in their lives. I cried when Patrick learned to drink from a straw, each time I fill another box with clothes that are too small and even this morning when, after being out of the room for a minute, he seemed to unroll a whole roll of toilet paper in the bathroom….growth. firsts. learning.

Last night Patrick “feed” himself dinner…. And then went straight to the tub!

And just because he’s so dang cute……


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  1. Dorothy Hollern

    Erin, darling pictures-as usual. What a happy soul. Love, Grams


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