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This morning instead of dragging Patrick down to the studio with me, I decided to take him to this sensational babies class I read about at the Museum of the Rockies. A sight, touch, feel, smell (and for Patrick taste) learning group for kids 0-2. Because Patrick is with mom all day it’s hard to find that interaction with other children his own age. But man did he light up when he saw a WHOLE room full of little people. I wish I could have got a snap shot of that. But here are a few I managed to quickly snap!

There were toys and balls and bubbles and books….. Oh my!

The only way to get Patrick playing with the PLAY-dough without entering the his mouth… insert Paci!
His favorite was the silky scarves….

We even made new friends!

Like I said lots and lots of kids! But they sure loved the bubbles!

Thanks for a fun morning monkey……. NAP TIME 🙂


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  1. Dorothy Hollern

    I think Patrick is America’s Top Baby Model!!! Grams

  2. WHO is that nap time for???
    Lots of love, Irene


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