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Everybody loves BALLOONS!

I had a session this morning with a 2-year-old  boy and since balloons have worked for me in the past I wrangled some up for this little man as well.  With the help of mom and dad we attempted to capture Chase’s real smile but no luck! We all else fails balloons will always do the trick for a tricky 2-year-old!

Well, well, well what do we have here……

Erin the RED one is my favorite!

There’s nothing like the curiosity of a 2-year-old….

And of course when the balloons are put away and mom and dad are looking for the BIG smile, you bust out the suckers!

Thanks guys for a fun morning!

And of course I saved them to see what my little man thought. And yes I took WAY too many, here are a few of my FAV!

Look mom a STRING!

Oh I’m supposed to be looking at the BALLOONS 🙂

Almost got it!



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  1. Darling pics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What cute pics of both little men. First time I have seen Patricks teeth. Thanks for sending the photos. Love, Grams


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