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Our weekend was full of birthdays and family..

Saturday we took a trip to Helena to celebrate my uncle Frank’s 70th birthday. My mom’s sibs gathered for a cabbage rolled feast and some heart felt words found buried inside the walls of the family cabin…

Back in the summer of 1974, my grandfather sat down and wrote about what was “happening” in the lives of all is children (8) on planks of wood. At the end he added his love to his wife he spent his entire life with and to the daughter he lost many years ago. The planks were in the cabin walls all those years and were recovered by my uncle in July of 2010. There were some tears and a whole lot of laughter…

Patrick got some quality Ball family time….

You gotta love back yard animals!!

Sunday morning swim time with dad

Just sittin around being cute!

Today is Tom’s birthday, “Happy Birthday daddy! We love you” So we celebrated on Sunday with Steak and chocolate cake. Right after Patrick’s play date with the cat.

Wishes for another spectacular year…..


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  1. Happy birthday Tom. You’re a lucky man. Blessings for a most wonderful coming year.


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