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Patrick and Penny…….

Patrick doesn’t have a dog (yet as dad keeps putting it). So when we head out to the Wells compound to visit dad during the day his eyes widen we he sees the big dogs. And for those of you who don’t know the Wells dogs, they are BIG dogs. Especially to a sixth month old who isn’t around dogs all that often. So I bundled Patrick up and we took Penny for a walk.

I don’t think Patrick ever took his eyes off her…. He was so enthralled by the way she ran laps around us chasing her stick and placing it right in my hand. The giggles from the pack told me that maybe one day we’ll get that dog for Patrick to play fetch with!

Until then, we’ll keep throwing them for Penny.

Here are a few shots from our walk……

WOW mom look at her go…….


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