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A new year, new home…..

211 North Weaver…… WELCOME HOME!

For those of you who don’t know we have moved into our new home, just two days shy of the wedding! Tom and his crew worked into the wee hours of the night for two weeks straight. Plumbing, electrical, cabinets, floors and final paint touch ups had hands and hearts working away….. Here are a few before and after photos….













We love, love, love our new home.

Mr. Patrick turned six months last weekend! Along with two new teeth he has started eating “real” food, is sitting up by himself and although he hates being on his tummy, he’s almost to the point where he can get his legs under him and push himself up! But right now he’d rather be on his feet than his belly!

I love the mornings when he finds contentment in playing alone…. gives momma a chance to shower 🙂

Watching him figure out the ins and outs of food… How to hold my spoon, to chew my food and to pick up the food and put it in my mouth (or on the floor).

And mom’s camera!

Afternoons on the carpet in front of the fire learning and playing is mom’s favorite time of day…

And of course a couple studio shots because, well, mom never gets anything done when she’s there.

And yes, Patrick too has his moments of frustration and crabbiness 🙂


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  1. gorgeous light in that house! plus a cute baby! lots of fun pictures to come, i just know it!

  2. Oh Erin, I’m just SO happy for you,… the house is fantastic, your son is perfect, and the love you’ve found is beyond magical. blessings forever

  3. Dorothy Hollern

    Erin the pics are darling and your new home looks fantastic. Can’t believe Patrick is sitting up and almost crawling. What a happy baby. Love, Grams


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