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New home….

2010 brings us another joy…. Owning our first home! It’s a cute little fix me upper with a shop for daddy and a big yard for Patrick! As of right now Tom is working non stop to make our new house a home. From the walls to the floors to the kitchen and bath, everything will be updated and redone. I love you Tom for making all my dreams come true and working so hard to make this home a special place to begin our lives together!

Mr. Patrick Wells turned four months today! Is so amazing how fast time is tickin along. He’s figuring out that he has hands and beginning to use those hands to hold things and keep his balance while trying to sit up! Giggles and laughter fill our days, what a cute personality he has!


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  1. Congratulations Erin & Tom!! What a cute house!! I love the front porch!!

  2. Aubrey Cole-Vermillion

    Congrats on the new house!! Patrick is getting soo big! And yes, time does fly too fast 🙂

  3. SOOO happy for you guys! The house is great and Patrick is WAY too adorable for words.


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