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Wanna Wiggle!!!

ROAD TRIP!!! We loaded up the Honda, well uncle Ben loaded up the Honda, three rows deep of excited wiggles fans, peanut butter and jelly’s and enough DVDs to keep the young and the older happy… Our destination? Seattle, WA to see the WIGGLES! For those of you who have yet to experience the wiggles, they are a must for those with small children or the young at heart 🙂 Our first Wells family road trip was a blast, thanks Auntie Meghan for introducing Patrick and I to the Wiggles!

Pit stop for wiggling those legs!

PB and J time out

Preparing Aunt Erin for what’s to come at the concert!

Patrick’s first stay at a Holiday Inn 🙂
Patrick’s first SWIM!!!! If it wasn’t so cold he would have loved it but poor kid started shiverin…. 

They didn’t allow cameras with SLR lenses on them so not only did the boys have to come back and get the camera Erin didn’t get the best shots of the wiggles. These are just with my little point and shoot that is starting to die on me….


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