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keeping my head up….

This week Patrick did something HUGE…. He lifted his head up during tummy time! Up until this point every time we’d put him on his belly his bottom would go up instead of his top 🙂 He’s getting so strong… Our doctor’s appointment last week brought his first set of shots and he did so much better than mommy did. He’s voice reached a level we hadn’t yet heard and a little fussy the next day but we all made it through. He’s up to 13 pounds 8 ounces and is 24 and 2/3 inches big! Our doctor said we have a little flirt on our hands and boy do we! Enjoy the following images of our big big boy!

Of course after a few moments the lip comes out as if to say “mommy put that camera down and pick me up!”

SO smiley!

Happy Weekend ALL!!


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  1. Dorothy Hollern

    Erin, those pictures are absolutely darling. Guess I’ll try printing them off. Sounds as if you have the whole wedding bit all figured out. Looking foward to it. Love, Grams


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