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SIX weeks BIG!

Oh WOW! I can’t believe its already been six weeks since Patrick graced us with his presence. “They” weren’t kidding when “they” said it flies by so fast. At his three week appointment Patrick already weighted in at 10.2 pounds and was 23.5 inches long. Dr. said he is in the 97th percentile! Now that three weeks have flown by daddy and I are guessing that he is right around 11 pounds and my have grown another inch. He’s out of the new born and onto the 0-3 months and into number 1 diapers (never really thought I would get a kick out of writing about the size of my child’s clothing and diapers but I’m still in mommy awe)!

Patrick is starting to sleep longer at night (thanks monkey) and is starting to laugh and giggle (and not just from passing gas) its by far the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. Can’t wait till his laughing and smiling lasts longer then the few precious seconds.

Daddy keeps asking me what I’m going to do with all the photos I have taken and well, I guess I’ll just share them with you!!



And of course “UP WITH MONTANA BOYS!”   GO GRIZ!


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  1. Erin, the pictures are darling. Especially like the ones in the Grizzlie hat which I suppose your mom won’t print out. By the time we see him in December he will be twice as big. He really is growing fast. Thanks for forwarding the photos. Love, Grams


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