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Shannon and Dustin maternity session

I knew Shannon and her husband back in college and they called me up last week to shoot their maternity photos, I didn’t even know they were living in Bozeman. Double surprise for me! It was so nice catching up, while photographing such a milestone in their lives. Thank you guys for letting me be apart of this!

As the clouds and thunder rolled in last last night, I wasn’t sure we were going to squeeze in our session (really we felt like storm catchers!) but it turned out to be beautiful! Not only did we miss the down pour by seconds, a BEAUTIFUL rainbow appeared right as we were packing up! What a beautiful night!



Happy Birthday Jamison!

Mr. Jamison turned ONE yesterday! I have had the privilege of taking Jamison’s photos over the past year and it’s amazing to me that he is already a year old (crazy because that means my baby will be one next month!)

Here is Jamison at three months

And at six months

Again at nine months

And yesterday at ONE YEAR!

Bring on that cake mom!

And I’m done… Happy birthday little man!

Gotta love me my Sundays!

Sometimes living here I seem to forget how wonderful downtown Bozeman can be, especially on a sunny Sunday morning, just before all the shops are open. There is a certain hum in the air. The smell of fresh brewed coffee. The warmth of the sun on your face. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation. This Sunday especially I felt just that. Vacation. Family time. Great coffee.

Grandma picked Patrick up a new (well almost new, garage sale new) stroller that he already loves. It’s the horn….

My FAVORITE downtown coffee hub, the Leaf and Bean. Gotta love the bean here..


Coffee check! Onto business.I have my senior model shoot tomorrow evening (crossing my fingers and really praying that the weather holds off for us, I have been really looking forward to working with Annie ever since our last session was canceled due to wind) Gotta love spring time in Montana! In search for backdrops.

My hubby too has a good eye…

Thanks for a fun Sunday Downtown Bozeman and to my boys, thanks for your patience with mommy!

Lottman family, finally {family photographer}

I’ve been so anxious to meet the Lottman family. Between my mother-in-law and my husband telling me how great they are and our two canceled sessions due to rainy Montana days, when Saturday rolled around and the sun was out I was beyond thrilled to finally get to photograph this family!

Gwen, Chris, Marlow and Wenstin you are all so adorable and I’m so glad we finally were able to do this session!



Six week old Annabelle {Newborn photographer}

I kept my fingers crossed all day Sunday in hopes that the gloomy rainy weather wouldn’t stick around for my FIRST outdoor newborn session, but of course it did. I was SO excited to try some new things with all that Bozeman’s beauty has to offer, but it will have to be another day. If you are expecting, I have some fun outdoor locations in mind (wink, wink).

Instead we headed inside and captured some cute pics of little miss Annabelle! Thanks for making the trip over from Ennis mom and dad! It was so nice working with you!!

Dad working his magic trying to get his girl to relax….

Watching him grow

Sunday morning I woke up to the sounds of little man talking in his room, sounded more like he was singing to me, but a smile came across my face when I heard the word “DADDA!” I crawled out of bed and walked quietly into Patrick’s room. There he was standing in his crib, looking like he was about to jump over the railing. I couldn’t believe that after only ten short months in this world he had figured out how to get out of his velcro swaddle blanket  (which he’s been wrapped up in every night since we brought him home from the hospital) and stand up in his crib….. Just 30 min. later I walked into the living room just in time to see him pick up the remote, point it at the TV and turn the channel to cartoons (I kid you not!) He looked over at me, beaming cheek to cheek.

And it seems just his week he has grown from a baby to a toddler. Wednesday at the museum a dad came up to me after watching Patrick in the sensational babies class and asked “how old is your son?” Oh, ten months. “10 MONTHS!! He acts like he’s two!”

I watch him figure out how each one of his toys works, what button you need to push to see the balls fly in the air, where to put the ball back and repeat the process. He is getting into everything, literally everything. He is now fascinated by the toilet, he climbs up against the tub when I shower. Heads for the door when he hears the words “bye bye!” He watches my lips move when I speak to him and tries to do the same.

I just can’t wrap my fingers around how much he’s learning and growing in such a short period of time. And how much more he will learn in the months and years to come……

Weekends with the boys

I woke up Saturday morning to thick gray, rainy skies that led to two family sessions being canceled. I was looking forward to shooting these families all week long and enjoying a little time outside. Instead Saturday was spent running errands and tying up the weeks loose ends. But Saturday night, after a gourmet dinner made by grandma and grandpa, the sun decided to peak out right before it set leaving us with a beautiful night in the backyard.

Patrick’s first climb to the top of grandma and grandpa’s waterfall…

First backyard fire…..

Silhouette photo fun…

And then Sunday morning, like magic, the SUN graced us with it’s presence…. ALL DAY LONG! We ventured out to Drinking Horse Trail. A perfect day for a great family hike!

Nice shades grandpa..

Little man had a little too much fun in the sun…

FUN family photo